Humorous Ways Snickers Uses Divas to Sell Candy Bars

Mars Incorporated has recently launched a creative, funny advertising campaign to promote Snickers candy bar. Even though Snickers is already one of the most popular candy bars in the world, the unique commercials raised the profile of the brand, boosting sales even further.

The campaign revolved around looking at Snickers in a new way. Because candy bars are often perceived to be unhealthy foods, Mars is trying to change that perception by pointing out the benefits of its candy. That is not to say that the company is saying that Snickers is healthy, but it does point out that this particular brand of candy bar is satisfying when you are hungry but do not want to eat a big meal at the moment.

Snickers has employed several stars to promote its brand. These include Aretha Franklin, Liza Minneli, Roseanne, Robin Williams, Betty White and more.

This gist of these ads is that you are not you when you are hungry, as you may turn into a diva that is irritating to be around. Having a Snickers bar counteracts that state and brings you back to normal. The commercials use the celebrities in everyday situations acting as the "divas" until they get a Snickers.

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Five Ways to Insure Your Advertising Campaign Flops

When you create a new advertising campaign, it is very important to come in with a plan and to know exactly what you want to do. However, it is sometimes just as important to know what you don't want to do. Looking at mistakes that can be made will help you avoid them, giving your campaign a better chance of creating the buzz and the sales that you want. Here are five ways to make sure that your campaign flops:

1. Completely forget to think about your target market and what they would connect with.
2. Ignore your company's established brand and just do whatever you want.
3. Spend so much time trying to be funny or witty that you never make it clear what product you sell.
4. Copy the marking campaign that your competitor is already using.
5. Go overboard and accidentally offend everyone who may have wanted your products before they saw your ads.

If you do any of this, you can be sure that your campaign will blow up in your face. If you do a spectacularly bad job and you do three or four of these things at once, it might even sink your company.

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Great Campaigns That Used the Owner in Their Commercials

Everyone wants to hear from the man in charge. Many companies have had great success putting the owner of the company up front in commercials. Below are just a few examples of businesses that have succeeded with their owner in front of the camera as well as behind the scenes.

One - Papa John's

As one of the most charismatic pitchmen in the business according to many advertising experts, the owner of Papa John's has created a name for himself outside of his business as an incredible spokesperson. Papa John's continues to usurp market share in its industry despite having been founded at a much later date.

Two - Wendy's

Dave Thomas was one of the most legendary pitchmen in the history of fast food. His wholesome and friendly look helped the Wendy's chain to expand across the world and build a reputation as the healthiest choice of the major fast food chains.

Three - Men's Warehouse

Perhaps one of the most recognizable voices in fashion, the owner of Men's Warehouse uses his impressive baritone to brand his business as a one size meets all store for professional hippies and established businesspeople alike.

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How Mr. Whipple Changed the Way We View Toilet Paper

Mr. Whipple, whose real name was Dick Wilson was an unlikely person to change modern culture's attitude about an oft unspoken, yet universal part of our lives, a part that was still for most, kept in the dark, seldom mentioned and certainly not thought of as a fragrant or squeezable soft product.

From 1964 to 1985, Whipple a most squeezable actor himself used humor and circumstance to foil and ridicule his way into the nation's heart and the product into people's shopping carts. This was long before female or male health and sanitary products could be mentioned on TV.Never heard of this before? Get up to speed here. In his humorous way he may have set the stage for the hundreds of more private and personal products that would follow.

This was also a time of transition for advertising. It was not uncommon for the host of a live variety show to step over to another set and with a cleansing product in hand give a personal endorsement. Mr. Whipple with his mini vignettes and own hypocrisies could make the ultimate endorsement through comedy and entertainment and usually a moral lesson.

How Mr. Whipple changed TV, changed our attitudes and did so before any others and for so many years, that is the story of how we view toilet paper differently today. Had those things not come together as they did . . . Shh! Don't squeeze!

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How Many Licks Does it Take?

The most memorable moments in many families tend to involve some product or service that the family came together around. Whether it was to share a soda pop or to watch a television show, they would remember these moments for a life time. The easiest to identify between family members seems to be the old television commercials that were inundated with slogans and catch phrases. People would spend hours laughing together over some of the greatest ones like "Where's the beef?" and "Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz".

What made these brands and their slogans so famous is not just the phrasing itself, but the context in which they were used. Part of delivering unforgettable catch phrases has a lot to do with timing. Kids who grew up in a time that tootsie-roll lollipops were trending will remember the kids asking the old owl "how many licks does it take?" This phrase would not work in the modern era of slogans because of the meaning in its contextual time period.

Marketing involves timing of a branding idea. There has to be some consideration as to the proper context for which a phrase will be used. There are optimal times where a phrase can catch on and become "viral", but those are harder to predict than those released after doing a little investigation.

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B-O-L-O-G-N-A: How Oscar Myer Turned Processed Meat into Cash

Okay, sing it with me: My bologna has a first name its O-S-C-A-R. You might remember the commercialthat helped Oscar Myer turn meat into cash. Every child was singing the song that bade mom and dad go out and buy bologna for lunch.

The marketing behind the product was amazing. Give kids a catch way to remember what the company's message was and put it in a way that it makes a positive impression. This was a winner for that company.

Let's break this down just a bit so you can why it worked so well.The song said I love to eat it everyday and if you ask me why I'll say, cause Oscar Myer has a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A. This message is so clear, it says the name of the company twice in the song and tells the kids what action the company wants them to take. Action one was eat it everyday and action two was eat our brand and action three is tell people you love it.

Keep in mind that the company makes a great product, this is ke to success in marketing. The product has to be great or it will not stay alive long. Now you know how Oscar Myer turned processed meat into cash.

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Is Band-Aid Brand Really Stuck on You?

The only thing that clings harder than the actual band-aid product is the catchy jingle that it's used in commercials for years now. An ear worm of the finest caliber, and sung by cute, smiling children who are playing despite cuts and bruises, band-aid brand bandages have claimed the fabled spot in marketing where your product name is synonymous with all products of its kind.

For instance, there are dozens of brands of bathroom tissue out there, but eveyone blows their noses with Kleenex. Copiers made be made by any of a hundred different companies, but you might need to run off a half dozen Xeroxes of a sheet. This is the sort of recognition that band-aid has received, and on top of all of that the theme song is just as catchy as the Oscar Meyer tune.

The marketing campaign for band-aids is simple, effective, and it has worked for decades. Offer a product everyone needs with a simple, easy to remember name and combine it with a simple tune that won't leave your head that has simple lyrics. If you can manage that, then your product will be remembered by everyone, even if they don't decide to buy.

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What’s So Funny About Cows Selling Chicken?

A memorable commercial will have one or two key element that force you to remember the product in one way or another. It could be a jingle you can't get out of your head, a character, or funny phrase that makes you let out a chuckle.

Most people have seen commercials that truly leave an impression, and when it does, the advertiser has done their job correctly. So what's so funny about cows selling chicken? Almost everyone has seen those pictures of a black and white spotted cow holding up a sign that reads "eat chicken"; and it invariably brings a smile to your lips.

Why? It's the underlying message that the advertisement creates, and that message is to stay away from beef and eat more chicken. The hilarious picture of cows campaigning to save themselves is quite funny, especially since so many people love a succulent steak! In fact, you almost feel sorry for the cows and the idea of eating chicken stays in your mind until you buy chicken. The more you can relate to a commercial, either by sight or sound, the more you will not only remember their product, you will purchase it.

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